Be respectful!

Because you are not alone

For a respectful coexistence  mutual consideration is indispensable. This applies between the various nature users & athletes as well as to the animal & plant world.


The Nature Park is home to many animal & plant species. Even if you can't see the wildlife right now, you are in the middle of their living room!


In winter, wild animals are in energy-saving mode. When disturbed, it ends apruptly and excessive energy is consumed - this can end deadly for them!


Therefore, keep to a few points in mind when staying in the Nature Park:

  • Please stay on marked paths & routes
  • Leash your dog
  • Keep quiet & avoid unnecessary noise
  • Take your waste with you
  • Do not enter wildlife resting areas


Tierfotos Quelle: Markus Leitner

Be Part of the Mountain


"Be Part of the Mountain” is an international cooperation initiative that wants to ally protected areas, nature protection organisations, public bodies, Alpine clubs and ambassadors – across the Alps.


Coordinated by the ALPARC operational unit, the initiative aims at facilitating the exchange of good practices, developing common awareness-raising tools and implementing joint communication action to initiate behavioral change of outdoor participants.


Winter is a Tough Time for us

Please stay on the marked hiking paths!

The black grouse, a representative of the grouse, spends most of its time in winter in specially dug snow caves for protection from the cold and from enemies. If they are disturbed, for example, by downhill ski tourers, they fly out and spend the next few hours in a tree.


The red deer, a particularly shy representative of the even-toed ungulates, is hardly finding food in snowy winters. When disturbed, red deer flee, which not only costs a lot of energy but can also cause browsing and peeling damage to trees.


Young trees or shoots can be severely injured by snowshoes or the edges of touring skis. Trees grow very slowly, so the damage can affect several decades.