themed hikes

experience landscape

Theme trails are already a tradition in Weißbach and expand the offer in the nature park in an interesting way. There are a total of 6 themed trails - something for every taste and need.

forest adventure trail "walden."

On the trail of wild animals, forest workers or philosophers over sticks and stones, moss and berry bushes or over small watercourses, ...

Natur kennt keine Grenzen - nature knows no boundaries

informs about the natural area of the Hirschbichlpass , the ecological network, biodiversity and the habitats of water, forest, alpine pastures and rocks ...

Erlebnis Landschaft - experience landscape

brings you closer to the beauty of the landscape in the heart of the naturepark with stations to discover, feel, see and smell ...

Klammerlebnisweg - gorge adventure trail

Especially for families with children. Together with the gorge spirit they experience nature and the environment and the fascination of water.

barefoot path & Kneipp facility

Experience different floor coverings up close and have the soles of your feet massaged. Afterwards, the Kneipp facility makes our legs fit and fresh again!

geology path

Here you will find fossils of the former primeval sea, interesting facts about the formation of mountains and clues to the violence of the glaciers of the last ice age.